What is SEO?

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Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a marketing practice that focuses on increasing visibility in or getting traffic from the free or organic (meaning, non-paid) search results page on search engines.

Almost everyone in the world who uses the internet knows that the major search engines today are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Imagine for a while that Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the persons you go to whenever you need something. Let’s say you need a new pair of shoes for a black tie event and you have no idea where to get one, so you go consult Google. Typing in the words “where to buy shoes for a black tie event” will tell Google that you need a pair of shoes for a black tie event and so Google will pass you on to websites that sell shoes of this category.

Usually, these websites that sell shoes don’t just put shoes on display in their virtual store windows, hoping people would drop by and see them and buy from them. They make use of an online marketing strategy that tells Google (or Yahoo or Bing) what exactly they have in their shops so that when potential customers ask Google (the search engine) for something, Google would know where to lead them.

This marketing strategy that companies and store owners employ is called SEO and while some see it complicated, it actually just involves a few elements, about which we will briefly discuss later, to make it work.

What SEO Can Do for Your Website (and Ultimately, Your Business)

When done right, SEO can do wonders to your website and, ultimately, your business. It will help search engines find you and drive traffic to your site or page, and not just any traffic; this is usually targeted high-quality organic traffic from a bunch of searchers looking for the information, content, products or services you offer. In other words, it helps search engines bring you a lot of potential customers and when these customers buy, you get sales. The more paying customers you have, the higher your sales will be.

Over time, when you continue to use this strategy on your own or with the help of experts who know how to use SEO, the number of site visitors you get may increase and the number and frequency and can potentially improve your ranking in the search engine results page. Getting on top of the SERP is every business owner’s dream come true because this means increased chances of getting found by searchers online.

Elements of SEO that Help Search Engines Bring Traffic to You

  • Keywords

The words you type into the search box when you look for a pair of shoes to wear in a black tie event carry a tremendous value for companies selling these specific types of products. If Company A, for example, employs the help of an SEO specialist who knows exactly how to use keywords to optimize their visibility in SERPs, it is highly likely that you will find them first after you typed in “shoes for black tie event.” Or, if you specifically typed in “opera pumps in Spring,” and Company A’s SEO specialist specifically used the keywords “opera pumps,” “black tie events,” and “Spring” in their pages, it is highly likely that you two will bump into each other.

  • Title

Pages in the web have titles and these titles contain keywords that may not be visible to you as a searcher, but search engines can see these. When they find titles that are relevant to your search queries, they will give you those pages that have the titles you are looking for.

  • Links

When people link to your website, it generally means they recommend your website for something. Let’s say Company B is in the fashion consulting business and because they like Company A for whatever reasons, they often link to Company A every time they recommend shoes for black tie events.

Getting links from people like Company B tells Google and other search engines that you are important and that people like you because they constantly refer visitors to your site through links. It could be that your products or services or information are relevant to what these people are searching for.

  • Authority

Lastly, if your website has a constant supply of fresh, relevant information that gets readers engaged and bring in volumes of quality links, search engines will consider you as an authority in your niche and may give you a special place up the SERPs.

If your website is not optimized enough to rank high in search engine result pages, you could miss out on a lot of opportunities to get found by potential customers searching for the information, products or services you have to offer. Without a doubt, SEO can make or break your business, which is why in this day and age, where people turn to search engines for solutions to their problems, getting expert help from the best SEO companies is crucial for any business to flourish.

By: Lorenza